Photo of Al Livecchi

Albert LiVecchi

Laboratory Program Manager - Water Power


Al has been part of the Wind and Water Power Program Management Team at NREL since 2009. He helped establish NREL's new Water Power Program and built the technical team that focuses on marine and hydrokinetic technologies. As Water Power Laboratory Program Manager, Al is responsible for planning and executing NREL's portfolio of DOE-sponsored marine and hydrokinetic and hydropower projects along with having primary responsibility for establishing productive partnerships with external organizations. Prior to joining NREL, Al managed Strategy and Business Development at an early stage R&D informatics company and worked as a management consultant on a diverse set of engagements ranging from technology market opportunity assessments to information management optimization to support R&D decision making and planning. Al was also a Senior Staff Scientist at Baxter CardioVascular, where he conducted research on the failure mechanisms of heart valve implants and developed design modifications to increase their operational lives.


M.B.A., Cornell University; M.S. in Bioengineering, Clemson University; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Lehigh University