The Net Zero World Initiative—Accelerating Global Energy System Decarbonization (Text Version)

This is the text version of the video The Net Zero World Initiative—Accelerating Global Energy System Decarbonization.

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>>Jennifer M. Granholm, Secretary of Energy, U.S. Department of Energy: Two years ago, we launched Net Zero World with a vision, which is to bring the world-class expertise of the U.S. research enterprise and DOE's 17 national laboratories to the center of the global clean energy transition in partnership with leading countries who, pulling in the same direction, can change the world.

>>Narrator: The Net Zero World Initiative supports partner countries in meeting their clean energy targets and achieving just transitions to net-zero emission energy systems.

>>Dr. Tan See Leng, Minister for Manpower, Second Minister for Trade and Industry, Singapore: The Net Zero World Initiative helps galvanize our efforts on tackling climate change. It strengthens multistakeholder collaborations, accelerates renewable energy deployment, and improves the commercialization of new technologies.

>>Oluwagbemisola Akinsipe, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program, Nigeria Energy Transition Office: So, the topics I'm most interested in are around financing, investment mobilization, and really innovations in implementation. Yes, there are important technical things that we need to address, but I think a lot of the technologies we have can start to address the challenges that we want to solve. And the key thing is getting these technologies equitably distributed across the world.

>>Onvara Vadhanavisal, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program, Ministry of Thailand: I want to be a part to do something to help the people in Bangkok in Thailand have a better quality of life, cleaner energy, and cleaner air for all of us.

>>Iuliia Perchuk, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ukraine: In Ukraine, nowadays, we are facing not only climate changes but also Russian aggression. So, that's why we are looking not only for clean energy solutions but also for resilience, which will not only decarbonize our system but will also strengthen it.

>>Narrator: Launched at COP27 by U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, the Net Zero World Initiative's Climate Smart Women's Leadership Program, brought together eight female energy leaders from Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Thailand, and two participants from Ukraine for intensive training and peer learning at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

>>Yulia Rybak, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program, Ministry of Energy, Ukraine: I'm so excited to participate in the program because now I'm very confident that, with Net Zero World Initiative, we could really speed up our green transition in Ukraine. And with this program, I am completely confident that we'll receive efficient support in order to achieve our targets.

>>Perihan Amer, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egypt: The other women in this program are, honestly, incredible women—very inspiring. It's been wonderful meeting them all and getting to know them over the past 2 weeks. And we've shared all of our country's experiences, which we all could relate to because we all come from developing countries. So that's been very enriching.

>>Reshma Singh: Director, Climate Smart Women Energy Leader's Program: So, we're learning from each other. We are understanding what the context of every country is, and the mentors and the technical experts and the country coordinators have just been so open about learning and engaging and finding those deep personal connections to make sure that everybody is stronger together.

>>Oluwagbemisola Akinsipe: I have learned so much from the program—technical skills, definitely. So, thinking through the modeling innovations that currently exist to support planning, policymaking, decision-making, but beyond that, I think the leadership skills have been most important. Just getting the skills to step more confidently into my role in the energy transition. I'm taking that with me for the rest of my career—just the confidence, the vision to drive this transition in Nigeria and then globally.

>>Jennifer M. Granholm: Together, we're moving from ambition to action toward the net zero world that we all know is possible.

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