Managing Residential Energy Use and Costs with foresee - Text Version

Below is the text version for the video Managing Residential Energy Use and Costs with foresee.

While many people are interested in saving energy and money in their homes, not every homeowner is the same. Personal preferences, drivers, and daily schedules are different for every household.

To account for these differences, researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (or NREL) have developed foresee, a technology that takes personal habits and priorities into account and automatically creates energy-saving scenarios homeowners can comfortably live with.

When setting up foresee, the zip code is first entered so the system can tap into different locational information, including weather and utility costs. Next, the user enters:
The ideal temperature the house should be kept at during the day and night, including the maximum temperature the user can bear and the length of the shower the user wants to take and the average hot water temperature.

Then the user enters their preferences, ranked by importance.

foresee uses this data to inform its model predictive control mechanism to coordinate all the connected home appliances.

foresee allows individuals to seamlessly take advantage of financial incentives without sacrificing comfort, all while helping their utility maintain a safe, reliable, and cost-effective power grid.