Energy Transitions

NREL supports energy transitions at city, state, national, and international levels working with government entities and other stakeholders to establish long-term energy visions and successfully implement efficient, renewable, and resilient energy solutions.

Photo of a home with a rooftop solar system in a residential neighborhood in Hawaii.

Our Work

We increase the understanding of current and future interactions and roles of energy policies, markets, resources, technology systems and components, environmental impacts, and infrastructure related to energy transitions around the world. Our broad understanding and experience with the integrated nature of energy transitions uniquely positions us to support, analyze, and report on these transitions at varying scales.

Our system-of-systems approach allows for rigorous, thorough exploration of alternative energy scenarios. It enables unique analyses of large-scale simulations and ensembles of simulations.

We provide technology and policy analysis on various issues related to advancing worldwide energy transitions, reducing technology and market risks, and increasing resilience and security in the energy sector. Learn more about our technical analysis.

We also support the U.S. Department Energy's Energy Transformation in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Our Partnerships

NREL Manages Program to Transform Mexico’s Power Sector

NREL is managing a 3-year program for the 21st Century Power Partnership to help strengthen and support Mexico's power sector.

Energy Access Solutions Advance Gender Mainstreaming in West African States

NREL contributed its expertise to an innovative policy that not only supports women in energy, but also helps bring clean energy access to remote populations across West Africa.

NREL Supports Effort to Take Distributed Photovoltaics to Developing Countries

In U.S. Agency for International Development partner countries, NREL develops and implements pilot projects to accelerate the development of distributed photovoltaics.


Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative 2008-2018

Greening the Grid: Pathways to Integrate 175 Gigawatts of Renewable Energy into India's Electric Grid

Volume 1

Volume 2

Designing Distributed Generation in Mexico

Catalyzing Gender Equality-Focused Clean Energy Development in West Africa

Solar Plus: A Holistic Approach to Distributed Solar PV

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