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Research Staff

Photo of Adam Warren.

Adam Warren

Director - Integrated Applications Center | 303-275-4346

Photo of Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson

Group Manager- Modeling & Analysis | 303-384-7453

Photo of Michael Callahan

Michael Callahan

Group Manager - Applied Engineering | 303-275-4490

Photo of Karlynn Cory

Karlynn Cory

Group Manager - Project Development & Finance | 303-275-3087

Photo of Jennifer Daw

Jennifer Daw

Group Manager - Strategy, Policy & Implementation | 303-275-4678

Photo of Andrea Watson

Andrea Watson

Group Manager - Integrated Decision Support | 303-275-4234

Name Position Email Phone        
Anderson, Kate Group Manager- Modeling & Analysis 303-384-7453
Armstrong, Richard Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4605
Aznar, Alexandra Project Manager III-Research 303-275-3224
Becker, William Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-384-7544
Belding, Scott Researcher II-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-6906
Berdahl, Sonja Project Manager III-Research Support 303-275-3677
Beshilas, Laura Researcher I-Policy Analysis 303-275-3198
Bolin, Richard Analyst in the Project Development & Finance in the Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7716
Bracho, Riccardo Senior Project Leader - International Programs 303-275-4583
Brown, Craig Systems Integration Technical Lead 303-275-3204
Callahan, Michael Group Manager - Applied Engineering 303-275-4490
Cary, Scott Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-7169
Castillo, Ricardo Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7452
Christiansen, Katy Project Leader - DOD & FEMP 303-275-4241
Colgan, Chris Professional I-Project Controller 303-384-6121
Cory, Karlynn Group Manager - Project Development & Finance 303-275-3087
Cox, Jordan Postdoctoral Researcher: Renewable-Nuclear Hybrid Systems 303-275-4925
Crow, Linda Business Support IV-Administrative Associate 303-384-7135
Cutler, Dylan Researcher V-Model Engineering 303-275-3873
Daw, Jennifer Group Manager - Strategy, Policy & Implementation 303-275-4678
Day, Megan Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-3261
Dean, Jesse Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7539
Desai, Jal Researcher II-Systems Engineering 303-275-3636
Dominick, Jeffrey Laboratory Program Manager I-Partnership Development 303-275-3170
Elgqvist, Emma Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-275-3606
Elsworth, James Researcher II-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4242
Ericson, Sean Researcher II-Economic/Financial Analysis 303-384-7415
Ernst, Kendall Project Manager III-Research 720-498-1261
Farrar, Sara Senior Project Leader 303-384-7514
Gadzanku, Sika Researcher I-Decision Support Analysis 303-384-7386
Gagne, Douglas Researcher III-Economic/Financial Analysis 303-275-4351
Gesick, Josh Senior Engineer 303-275-3797
Gingrich, Jeff Professional II-Project Controller 303-384-6967
Gokhale-Welch, Carishma Project Leader 303-275-3096
Harris, Tom Project Manager III-Research 303-275-4272
Harris, Tom Project Manager III-Research 303-275-4272
Hartman, Brian Professional II-Project Controller 303-384-7307
Hayter, Sheila Laboratory Program Manager, Federal Energy Management Program 303-384-7519
Healey, Victoria Project Manager 303-384-7545
Heath, Garvin Senior Scientist 303-384-7460
Hecht, Ahni Professional II-Project Controller 303-275-4872
Hinnen, Susan Project Manager III-Research Support 303-275-3193
Holm, Alison Project Leader - Urban and Regional Planning 303-384-6833
Igogo, Tsisilile Researcher III-Data Science 303-275-3153
Jacobson, Mark Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-6902
Jimenez, Tony Researcher IV-Market Research Analysis 303-275-4849
Kandt, Alicen Senior Engineer - Water-Energy Nexus 303-384-7518
Kiatreungwattana, Kosol Senior Engineer - Building and Renewable Energy Systems 303-384-7918
Krah, Kathleen Engineer - Techno-Economic Modeling & Optimization 303-275-3675
Kurnik, Charles Senior Engineer - Microgrids 303-275-4374
Kwasnik, Ted Researcher – Energy Modeling & Analysis 303-275-4916
Laws, Nick Engineer - Energy Systems Modeling 303-275-3238
Lee, Nathan Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-384-7241
Li, Xiangkun Researcher III-Model Engineering 303-275-4372
LoVullo, David Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-4657
Lockhart, Eric Project Manager III-Research 303-275-4637
Lowder, Travis Project Manager III-Research 303-384-7435
McLaren, Joyce Researcher V-Market Research Analysis 303-384-7362
Meixner, Debbie Professional II-Project Controller 303-275-3709
Mishra, Sakshi Researcher II-Model Engineering 303-275-4749
Morgenstein, Jonathan Project Manager III-Research 202-488-2205
Mosey, Gail Senior Researcher-Land Reuse & Arctic Energy Solutions 303-384-7356
Ness, Erik Project Leader - Clean Energy Policy & Island Sustainability 303-275-3610
O'Neill, Barbara Researcher IV-Policy Analysis 303-384-7025
Olis, Daniel Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7398
Parkhill, Linda Engineer - Modeling and Analysis 303-275-4671
Peterson, Zachary Project Manager I-Research 303-275-4949
Powell, Adrienne Project Controller 303-275-3683
Powers, Judy Project Support Specialist 303-384-7407
Pusch, Jane Professional I-Project Controller 303-275-4529
Ranola, Jo Ann Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7981
Reber, Tim Project Manager III-Research 303-384-7237
Reilly, Jim Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4808
Romero, Rachel Engineer/Project Leader - Energy Solutions 303-275-3908
Salasovich, Jimmy Senior Engineer - Building Energy Modeling 303-384-7383
Settle, Edward Senior Project Leader - Financing 303-275-4352
Shah, Chandralata Senior Project Leader - FEMP 303-384-7557
Simon, Joe Senior Engineer 303-275-3910
Stout, Sherry Engineer 303-275-4281
Tetreault, Tim Project Manager V-Research 303-384-7524
Thirumurthy, Nisha Senior Project Leader - DOD and International Programs 202-488-2207
Thomas, Karen Project Manager V-Research 202-488-2223
Tomberlin, Gregg Senior Engineer - Corporate Energy Strategies 303-275-4643
Van Geet, Otto Principal Engineer - Labs & Data Centers 303-384-7369
Vasquez, Deb Project Manager 303-384-7548
Voss, Philip Senior Project Leader 303-384-7245
Walker, Andy Senior Research Fellow I-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7531
Warren, Adam Director - Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4346
Watson, Andrea Group Manager - Integrated Decision Support 303-275-4234
Wood, Robert Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4325
Young, Michael Project Manager I-Research 303-384-7324
Zinaman, Owen Researcher IV-Policy Analysis 303-275-3644