New, Self-Paced E-Learning Training Available for Weatherization Professionals

June 17, 2022 by Janna Babad

Developed by NREL, The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) launched a new, online training series tailored for Weatherization Assistance Program, (WAP) grantees.

Person on the phone sitting at a desk with a text overlay of the U.S. Energy Department of Energy logo and Prepare the Grantee Plan Weatherization Assistance Program Grantee Training..
Screenshot of a Weatherization Assistance Program e-learning course.

The trainings combine DOE expert guidance with on-the-ground experience from grantees and WAP professionals. The courses offer an interactive, hands-on learning experience, providing users real-world examples, job aids, and resources.

To learn what makes the trainings so valuable, watch a short overview video.

The e-learning courses offer a variety of useful features and topics relevant to DOE WAP grantees.

Training Features

The online trainings offer both new and experienced grantee staff:

  • A self-paced structure
  • Learning pathways tailored to job roles
  • Interactive practice scenarios based on grantee experiences
  • Certificates of completion and continuing education units toward Building Performance Institute Energy Auditor and Quality Control Inspector certifications.

Training Topics

Training topics designed for grantee program managers, fiscal managers, and monitor job positions include:

  • Grantee plans
  • Finance and budgets
  • DOE monitoring of grantees
  • Grantee monitoring of subgrantees
  • Managing a quality program.

Access the Training

To access the training, visit Click on the link associated with "first time logging in" and use the code "waptraining" to create an account. Follow the instructions sent to your email to complete registration.

Additional Information

For a demonstration of the site, watch a recorded webinar.

These trainings were developed in partnership by NREL, Interstate Renewable Energy Council, and National Association for State Community Services Programs for DOE.

These trainings build on the previously developed training for weatherization subgrantee administrative professionals. Learn more about this in a past blog.

Learn more about NREL's support to DOE WAP on the Weatherization page.