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Explore data, models, and tools  that help  state, local, and Tribal governments make informed decisions about energy policy, planning, and projects.

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Name Type(s) Description Geographic Area(s) Technology Publicly Available Hidden Metadata
ATB: Annual Technology Baseline Data Cost and performance projections for energy technologies and transportation Site-specific, state, national Battery storage, coal, geothermal, hydropower, natural gas, nuclear, PV, concentrating solar power, wind CSP, photovoltaics
Cambium Data sets Hourly emission, cost, and operational data for modeled futures of the U.S. electric sector State, national Battery storage, biomass, coal, concentrating solar power, geothermal, hydropower, natural gas, nuclear, PV, oil-gas-steam, pumped hydro storage, wind CSP, photovoltaics
ComStock Data sets, tools Highly granular modeling of the U.S. commercial building stock Public use microdata areas, state Commercial building efficiency PUMAs
Engage Energy Modeling Tool Energy system production cost and capacity expansion modeling Local, state, national, international National Supply and storage technologies with various demand, transmission, and conversion inputs  
Equitable Energy Investment Prioritization Data Set Data set Compiles metrics related to energy justice, environmental justice, and renewable energy deployment potential County Geothermal, hydropower PV, wind photovoltaics
JEDI: Jobs & Economic Development Impact Models Models, tools Estimate economic impacts and job creation potential of power generation and fuel production Site-specific, state Coal, concentrating solar power , geothermal, marine, hydrokinetic, natural gas CSP
Open Energy Information Data, tools Energy information and data via geographic discovery, visualizations and apps, and topic-oriented gateways Site-specific, state, national, international Fossil fuels, renewable energy OpenEI
PRAS: Probalistic Resource Adequacy Suite Tools Analysis of the resource adequacy of bulk power systems Regional, continental Electric power systems
HEM: Holistic Electricity Model Stakeholder-centric electricity systems model PV, Electric power systems and components NA    
PR-DRIFT: Puerto Rico Demand Response Impact and Forecast Tool Tool Estimate potential impacts to the load profile of demand response, energy efficiency, variable renewable energy, and storage adoption in Puerto Rico Site-specific Energy efficiency, renewable energy  
PREESAT: Puerto Rico Energy Efficiency Scenario Analysis Tool Tool Estimate long-term total electricity consumption impact in Puerto Rico's residential, commercial, and industrial sectors Site-specific Energy efficiency  
PVWatts Calculator Model, tool Energy and cost performance estimates of PV installations Site-specific PV photovoltaics
ReEDS: Regional Energy Deployment System Model Generation and transmission simulations within the bulk power system through 2050 Regional Fossil fuels, nuclear, renewable energy  
REopt: Renewable Energy Integration and Optimization Tool Tool Evaluation of renewable energy technology economic viability and optimal size; estimate of system sustainability during grid outage Site-specific, state, national, international Battery storage, chilled water storage, combined heat and power, geothermal heat pump, PV, wind photovoltaics, CHP, GHP>
ResStock Analysis Tool Tool Modeling and simulation of U.S. housing stock to identify efficient home improvements Public use microdata areas, state Residential building efficiency PUMAs
reV: The Renewable Energy Potential Model Model, tool Calculation of renewable energy capacity, generation, and cost based on geospatial intersection with grid infrastructure and land-use characteristics Site-specific, state, national, and international Concentrating solar power, PV, wind CSP, photovoltaics
RPM: Resource Planning Model Model Capacity expansion modeling and production cost simulations to determine the solution with the lowest cost State, national PV, wind photovoltaics
SAM: System Advisor Model Model Financial models and simulations of the performance of renewable energy systems Site-specific, state, national Battery storage, biomass, concentrating solar power, geothermal, marine, PV, wind CSP, photovoltaics
SLOPE: State and Local Planning for Energy Data, tool Scenario planner for comparisons of future energy, costs, and emissions; data viewer for city, county, state renewables, efficiency, and transportation County, state Fossil fuels, renewable energy, sustainable transportation  
Standard Scenarios Viewer and Data Downloader Data, model U.S. power sector scenarios considering a variety of factors National Battery storage, concentrating solar power, geothermal, hydropower, nuclear, PV, wind CSP, photovoltaics
TEMPO: Transportation Energy & Mobility Pathway Options Model Modeling of future pathways related to the transportation system at hourly temporal resolutions; estimate affordability and infrastructure use impacts; assess energy use and emissions implications County, state Transportation
Tribal Energy Atlas Tool Map of renewable energy resource potential and installed energy on Tribal lands; data on infrastructure, environment, energy efficiency, and electricity and natural gas prices County, federal lands, state, Tribal lands Biomass, biomethane, geothermal, hydropower, PV, and wind photovoltaics
U.S. Department of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center Data, tools Information, data, and tools to help fleets and other transportation decision makers find ways to reduce petroleum consumption Site-specific, state Sustainable transportation AFDC
U.S. Department of Energy Low-Income Energy Affordability Tool Data, tool Data, maps, and graphs for understanding housing and energy characteristics for low- and moderate-income households Site-specific, state, national Coal, fuel oil, natural gas, wood, PV LEAD, LMI, photovoltaics
U.S. Department of Energy WINDExchange Data, tool Maps of wind resources and installed wind capacity, and location-specific information; educational resources to support community wind energy projects Site-specific, state Wind