Technical Assistance

NREL provides technical assistance related to energy use, planning, and future scenarios for U.S. states, local jurisdictions, communities, and tribes.

Technical Support Services

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When technical assistance is not available through existing federally supported programs, NREL offers customized technical assistance to states, local jurisdictions, and tribes through State, Local, and Tribal Technical Support Services Agreement.

With broad support from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and local partners, NREL provides technical expertise and extensive experience partnering with communities as they plan for, transition to, or maintain a clean, resilient, equitable clean energy system that meets local needs and priorities.

Island and Remote Communities

Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project

NREL provides technical assistance to strengthen energy resilience in island and remote communities through the DOE Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project.

Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas

NREL supports technical assistance and competitive prizes to improve energy systems in rural or remote areas through the DOE Energy Improvements in Rural or Remote Areas program.

Local Governments and Communities

Clean Cities Technical Assistance

NREL provides technical assistance to help fleets, stakeholders, original equipment manufacturers, and fuel providers deploy alternative fuels and advanced vehicles technologies through DOE's Clean Cities Coalition Network technical assistance.

Clean Energy to Communities Program

NREL offers technical assistance to support clean energy goals through the DOE Clean Energy to Communities program.

Clean Energy Demonstration on Mine Land Technical Assistance

NREL provides technical assistance for communities pursuing clean energy demonstrations on mine lands.

Communities Local Energy Action Program

NREL provides technical assistance to low-income, energy-burdened communities that are pursuing strategies to address environmental injustices or economic impacts in the transition away from historical dependence on fossil fuel through the DOE Communities Local Energy Action Program.

Waste-to-Energy Technical Assistance

NREL provides waste-to-energy technical assistance for local governments.

Tribal Governments and Alaska Native Villages

NREL has been working with tribes to solve clean energy challenges since 1995 through its partnership with DOE's Office of Indian Energy. American Indian tribes and Alaska Native communities have cost-free access to NREL expertise through DOE's Office of Indian Energy.

Partner With NREL

In addition to no-cost technical assistance programs, NREL partners with communities directly to support local energy priorities and goals.