Clean Energy Policy and Financing

NREL offers policy and financing guidance related to clean energy strategic planning for U.S. states, local jurisdictions, communities, and Tribes.

Energy Compensation Mechanisms

Compensation mechanisms designed to reward distributed energy generation system owners.

Green Banks

Financial institutions created to focus on maximizing clean energy adoption.

Renewable Energy System Interconnection Standards

Standards for how renewable energy systems can be legally connected to the electric grid.

Low- and Moderate-Income Community Solar Policies

Policies for deploying solar photovoltaic systems in low- and moderate-income communities.

Renewable Portfolio Standards

State regulatory mandates to increase energy production from renewable sources.

Clean Energy Project Requests for Proposals

A process for procuring products and services for clean energy projects.

Solar Consumer Protection

Policies and programs aimed at protecting consumers who purchase solar products and services.

Technical Assistance Available

Need help with clean energy policy and financing planning?