Solar Newsletter—February 2022

The Solar Newsletter is an electronic newsletter that provides information about NREL's research and development of solar technologies.

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NREL Selects Eight Teams To Advance Solar Equity

NREL has chosen eight teams to join the third round of the Solar Energy Innovation Network. The teams are working collaboratively to identify and overcome barriers that prevent more equitable adoption of solar energy in underserved communities across the United States.

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Landmark Study Presents Detailed Vision for Future of Solar

The landmark Solar Futures Study brought together experts from across NREL to provide insight into the future of solar. See how NREL conducted the study and dig further into some of its detailed findings, sector by sector.

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NREL's Concentrating Solar Power Research Heats Up

To spur concentrating solar power advancements and achieve energy cost targets, NREL is exploring the use of molten salt for energy transfer and storage. Researchers are tackling tank design, selection of salts, and electrochemical purification methods.

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National Community Solar Partnership Aims To Reach 5 Million Households

This year's National Community Solar Partnership (NCSP) Annual Summit focused on NCSP’s new target to power the equivalent of 5 million households with community solar by 2025, realizing $1 billion in energy bill savings for subscribers.

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NREL Receives $9 Million To Study Solar Integration and Reliability

DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office has awarded NREL over $9 million to pursue solar integration and reliability solutions. NREL will lead two projects that target broad challenges in systems integration and one that applies artificial intelligence to solar optimization.

A headshot of an NREL researcher, Craig Turchi.

Craig Turchi To Lead NREL's Concentrating Solar Power Program

Craig Turchi has been selected to lead NREL’s CSP program, taking the reins from long-time program leader Mark Mehos. Craig, a longtime veteran of CSP, will continue to develop the portfolio’s strategic agenda.

Research Highlights

A Guide To Updating Interconnection Rules and Incorporating IEEE Standard 1547

Energy Storage Could Support the Grid Every Hour of the Day, All Year Long

Solar Power in Your Community Guidebook

Performance and Impact of Instant, Online Solar Permitting

Upcoming Events

Ongoing – Prize Updates: Solar Forecasting Prize - Ongoing Daily Forecast Competitions

March 3 – Webinar: Solar Power in Your Community

March 27 – Webinar: Getting to 5 Million: Current Community Solar Market Trends and Pathways to Reach 5 Million Households

April 11 – Webinar: Data Analytics for PV

April 28 – Submission Deadline: Perovskite Startup Prize

Staff Profile – Eric Lockhart

Eric Lockhart

Group Manager, Integrated Decision Support

Eric Lockhart leads the Integrated Decision Support group at NREL, in addition to being the principal investigator for the Solar Energy Innovation Network—a project focused on novel applications of solar and storage.

Eric and his team lead complex energy projects and programs that require strategy development, analytics, and technical decision-making. In addition, he has worked on microgrid deployment efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa.

"As we look further on the horizon and identify how to expand into different markets, adapting existing innovation and applying new and creative thought is going to be necessary—not just with underserved communities, but communities across the U.S. we haven't had an opportunity to serve yet. The scope for pushing the cutting-edge is massive, and that's a great place for NREL to be operating."

Read his full profile.