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Stakeholder Convening and Working Groups

NREL participates in collaborative efforts to convene solar market stakeholders, industry, and participants.

Distributed Generation Interconnection Collaborative

Established in 2013 by NREL, the Distributed Generation Interconnection Collaborative (DGIC) provides a forum for the exchange of best practices for distributed photovoltaic (PV) interconnection between electric utilities, solar industry participants, and other stakeholders.

Learn more about the DGIC.

PV Operations & Maintenance Working Group

The PV Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Collaborative Working Group is a stakeholder body convened by NREL, Sandia National Labs, and the SunSpec Alliance under U.S. Department of Energy sponsorship. The working group consists of a broad range of professionals from several O&M-related industries, including financiers and investors, independent engineers, O&M services providers, legal professionals, and others. The principal aim of this collaborative is to mitigate uncertainty in O&M costs and practices through “bankable” data and a consensus-making process, ultimately reducing O&M costs and improving PV project performance and financeability.

Learn more about the PV O&M Working Group.

Orange Button Solar Data Exchange

The Orange Button Solar Data Exchange tool serves as an online resource for the solar industry to share, sell, or retrieve solar data and connect with colleagues. NREL created the tool in partnership with Smart Electric Power Alliance, SunSpec Alliance, and kWh Analytics. 

Learn more about the Orange Button Solar Data Exchange.