Data and Tools

Browse or search this comprehensive listing of data and tools for analyzing photovoltaic (PV) and concentrating solar power (CSP) technologies, solar grid and systems integration, and solar technology markets.

Data or Tool Description CSP PV Grid Integration Market Research Tech to Market
ATB: Annual Technology Baseline Technology cost and performance projection data for solar systems          
Bird Clear Sky Model Estimates clear sky direct beam, hemispherical diffuse, and total hemispherical solar radiation on a horizontal surface          
Bird Simple Spectral Model Computes clear sky direct beam, hemisperical diffuse, and hemisperical total irradiances on a receiver plane          
Cambium Hourly cost, emission, and operational data for modeling U.S. electric sector futures          
Circumsolar Radiation Data: The Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory Reduced Data Base Intensity profiles of the solar and circumsolar region, direct normal radiation data, and total hemispherical solar radiation data in the United States          
Concentrating Solar Power Projects Worldwide SolarPACES database of CSP projects          
CONFRRM: Cooperative Networks for Renewable Resource Measurements Solar radiation resource data at various locations in the United States          
CREST: Cost of Renewable Energy Spreadsheet Tool Economic, cash-flow models for assessing solar power projects          
dGen: Distributed Generation Market Demand Model Simulates customer adoption of distributed energy resources          
DISC Model Estimates direct beam component from empirical relationships between global and indirect clearness indices          
dsgrid: Demand-Side Grid Model Electricity load model for power systems analyses          
FESTIV: Flexible Energy Scheduling Tool for Integrating Variable Generation Simulates electric power system behavior to understand variability and uncertainty          
Historically Black Colleges and Universities Solar Radiation Monitoring Network Global and diffuse horizontal solar irradiance data from 1985 to 1996          
JEDI Concentrating Solar Power Model Estimates jobs and economic development impacts from CSP projects          
Levelized Cost of Energy Calculator Calculates for both utility-scale and distributed generation solar technologies          
MIDC: Measurement and Instrumentation Data Center Provides irradiance and meteorological data from stations throughout the United States          
NASA Remote Sensing Validation Data: Saudi Arabia Solar radiation data across Saudi Arabia from 1998 to 2003          
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Solar Data U.S. climate data from 39 stations in the 1980s          
NSRDB: National Solar Radiation Database Meteorological, global horizontal, direct normal, and diffuse horizontal irradiance solar data          
Orange Button Solar Data Exchange Resource for the solar industry to share, sell, or retrieve solar data          
Photovoltaic Module Soiling Map Soiling parameters of fielded PV panels at 124 locations across the United States          
PVDAQ U.S PV performance geospatial data          
PVWatts Calculator Estimates energy production and costs of grid-connected PV systems          
RAPID: Regulatory and Permitting Information Desktop Toolkit - Open EI Regulations and permitting information for PV systems          
ReEDS: Regional Energy Deployment System Model Capacity planning model, simulating a power system's evolution          
Renewable Energy Atlas Solar resource geospatial data          
Renewable Energy Data Explorer Solar resource data for some countries outside of the United States          
REopt Lite: Renewable Energy Integration & Optimization Evaluates economic viability, size, and loads of distributed PV systems      
reV: Renewable Energy Potential Model Geospatial model for assessing renewable energy capacity and generation potential          
RPM: Resource Planning Model Capacity expansion model for PV systems          
SAM: System Advisor Model Models techno-economic performance and cost predictions of grid-connected solar systems          
SAMPA: Solar and Moon Position Algorithm Calculates the solar and lunar zenith and azimuth angles from the year 2000 to 6000          
SIIP: Scalable Integrated Infrastructure Planning Model Analyzes the scheduling problems and dynamic simulations of quasi-static grid infrastructures          
SIND: Solar Integration National Dataset Toolkit Modeled subhourly solar power data for integration studies          
SMARTS: Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine Predicts clear-sky spectral irradiances          
Solar Energy Meteorological Research and Training Sites Data Hourly data for four U.S. locations from 1979 to 1984          
Solar for All Visualization of U.S. rooftop solar technical potential          
Solar Power Data for Integration Studies U.S. power plant data for the year 2006          
Solar Radiation Research Laboratory: Baseline Measurement System Solar radiation data displays and data sets          
Solar Resource Data, Tools, and Maps Online geospatial tools, downloadable maps, and data sets showing solar resource potential          
Solar Resource Variability U.S. solar resource data and maps for 1998 to 2005          
Solar Spectra Solar spectra data in HTML, text, and spreadsheet formats          
Solar Trace Transparent permitting, inspection, and interconnection data for residential PV systems          
SolarAPP Automate and deliver instant permitting data for residential PV systems          
SolarPILOT: Solar Power Tower Integrated and Optimization Tool Characterizes CSP tower system performance and layout requirements          
SOLPOS: Solar Position and Intensity Calculates apparent solar position and intensity per date, time, and location          
SolTrace Models CSP systems and analyzes optical performance          
SPA: Solar Position Algorithm Calculates the solar zenith and azimuth angles from the year 2000 to 6000          
Spectral Solar Radiation Data Base Spectral solar radiation data files for three specific locations in Florida, Colorado, and California          
Standard Contracts and Securitization Resources Example standard contracts and securitization resources for PV systems          
Standard Scenarios Outlook and Results Viewer Annual U.S. solar power sector scenarios          
Stochastic Energy Deployment System: Electricity Sector Module Capacity and characteristics of CSP and PV electricity generation technologies          
Tribal Energy Atlas Techno-economic solar energy potential on U.S. tribal lands          
WEST Associates Solar Monitoring Network 1970s data for 52 U.S. stations in six western states