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Regional Energy Deployment System (ReEDS) is a capacity planning and dispatch model for the North American electricity system.

As NREL's flagship long-term power sector model, ReEDS has served as the primary analytic tool for nearly 100 studies of the most critical energy sector research questions, including clean energy policy, renewable grid integration, technology innovation, and forward-looking issues of the generation and transmission infrastructure. Data from the most recent base case and a suite of Standard Scenarios are publicly provided, as well as a full list of publications.

ReEDS uses high spatial resolution and high-fidelity modeling. Though it covers a broad geographic and technological scope, ReEDS is designed to reflect the regional attributes of energy production and consumption. Unique among long-term capacity expansion models, ReEDS possesses advanced algorithms and data to represent the cost and value of variable renewable energy; the full suite of other major generation technologies, including fossil and nuclear; and transmission and storage expansion options. Used in combination with other NREL tools, data, and expertise, ReEDS can provide objective and comprehensive electricity system futures.

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Screenshot of Standard Scenarios Results Viewer