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Standard Contracts and Securitization Resources

Our standard contracts and securitization resources include example contracts, operation and maintenance guides, and a mock filing with ratings agencies for photovoltaic (PV) systems.

These resources were developed by an NREL-led working group—convened from the solar, finance, and legal industries—to make PV technologies more consistent, transparent, and desirable as an asset class for investment.

Example Standard Contracts

These documents can serve as starting points for contracts that improve consumer transparency and reduce transaction costs.

Access the example standard contracts.

Download Contracts

Residential Contracts

  • Residential power purchase agreement for an aggregated business model (for vertically integrated developers and installers)
  • Residential power purchase agreement for a disaggregated business model (for developers with a network of installation partners, or third-party finance providers that are discrete entities)
  • 0% down residential lease for an aggregated business model
  • 0% down residential lease for a disaggregated business model

Commercial Contracts

  • Commercial Lease
  • Commercial Power Purchase Agreement

Best Practices of Installation and Operation and Maintenance

Following best practices in PV installation, operation, and maintenance can improve investor confidence that solar assets are well-built and well-maintained.

Best Practices in Residential PV System Installation

Best Practices in Commercial and Industrial PV System Installation

NREL continues to publish updated guides to best practices in PV operation and maintenance. Check the NREL Publications Database for the most recent version of this guide.

Mock Filing with Rating Agencies

The mock filing for a pool of commercial power purchase agreements can foster dialogue between the asset rating agencies and the solar community. It includes a novel approach to raising debt by promoting a tandem structure that includes both tax equity and securitization debt in the initial capital stack.


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