Solar Research Staff

These staff lead solar research programs at NREL.

Also, see NREL staff listings for concentrating solar power and photovoltaic research.

Photo of Mary Werner.

Mary Werner

Solar Energy Technologies Lab Program Manager

In 2015, Mary became the program manager for the Solar Program, the flagship program at the lab.

Photo of Kristen Ardani

Kristen Ardani

Group Manager III-Market Research Analysis

Kristen leads the solar market research and analysis program at NREL, focusing on efforts to reduce soft costs and transfer emerging technologies to market.

Photo of Steve Gorin.

Stephen Gorin

Laboratory Program Manager II-Partnership Development

Steve serves as the partnership lead for photovoltaic research at NREL. He develops collaborative efforts in materials science, renewable energy generation, energy efficiency, and energy systems integration.

Photo of Nancy Haegel

Nancy Haegel

Center Director II-Technical

Nancy is the acting director of the National Photovoltaic Center. She also serves as the center director of the Materials Science Center.

Photo of Mark Mehos

Mark Mehos

Group Manager, Thermal Systems R&D

Mark joined NREL in 1986 and manages the Thermal Systems R&D group at NREL, with an emphasis on concentrating solar power, thermal energy for grid storage, solar-thermal derived fuels, and thermal systems optimization.

Photo of Joseph Simon.

Joe Simon

Senior Engineer

Joe leads NREL’s solar tech-to-market research. He is an experienced project manager focusing on renewable energy, event management, competition management and optimizing the built environment through sustainable, energy-efficient design, development, and analysis.