This website stores documents and contact information for participants of the Energy Department's Uniform Methods Project, which is managed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

Protocol Soon Available for Review

A draft of the Smart Thermostat Evaluation Protocol will be available soon for review. Check back for updates, or contact Chuck Kurnik, NREL technical monitor for the Uniform Methods Project.

The Uniform Methods Project will bring uniformity to the way states, utilities, program administrators, and evaluators calculate energy savings in their energy efficiency programs. The project goals are to:

  • Provide clear, accessible, step-by-step methods to determine savings
  • Create consistency and enhance transparency in how savings are calculated
  • Reduce the cost of evaluation, measurement, and verification for public utility commissions, utilities, and program administrators
  • Allow for comparison of savings across similar efficiency programs and measures
  • Strengthen the credibility of energy efficiency savings.