Workshop on Resilient Autonomous Energy Systems

The Workshop on Resilient Autonomous Energy Systems was held Sept. 8–9, 2021.

The Workshop on Resilient Autonomous Energy Systems brought together scientific leaders on the subject of distributed and autonomous controls for future energy systems. Topics included event-triggered optimization and control, robust and chance-constrained optimization, data-driven optimization and control, and security and stability of nonlinear systems.

Access presentation slides from the workshop using the links below, view the workshop agenda, and watch recordings of the workshop presentations.

Wednesday, Sept. 8, 2021

Approximating Feasible Power Injection Regions of Radial AC Networks
Changhong Zhao, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

A Feedback-Optimization Approach to Resilient Power System Operation
Saverio Bolognani, ETH Zurich

Online Stochastic Optimization of Unknown Linear Systems: Data-Driven Controller Synthesis and Applications to Energy Systems
Emiliano Dall'Anese, University of Colorado Boulder

Resource-Aware Network Optimization in Autonomous Energy Grids
Jorge Cortes, University of California San Diego

Emergency Voltage Regulation in Power Systems Via Ripple-Type Control
Guido Cavraro, NREL

Impact of Market Timing on the Profit of a Risk-Averse Load Aggregator
Johanna Mathieu, University of Michigan

Robust AC Optimal Power Flow with Robust Convex Restriction
Daniel Molzahn, Georgia Tech

Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021

Convergence and Sample Complexity of Gradient Methods for the Model-Free Linear Quadratic Regulator Problem
Mihailo Jovanovic, University of Southern California

Safe and Efficient Reinforcement Learning for Frequency Control
Baosen Zhang, University of Washington

Next-Generation Grid Frequency and Voltage Control Using Fast Inverter-Based Resources
John Simpson-Porco, University of Toronto

Coherence and Concentration in Tightly Connected Networks
Enrique Mallada, Johns Hopkins University