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Systems Engineering

Illustration of a wind farm with a town in the background and a crane lifting the turbine blades onto the last turbine.

A complete wind energy system includes the plant's energy production, turbine costs, and balance of station and operational expenses, as well as the plant's impacts on the electric grid, local communities, and the environment.

The National Wind Technology Center (NWTC) wind energy systems engineering initiative has developed an analysis platform to leverage its research capabilities toward integrating wind energy engineering and cost models across wind plants. This platform captures the important interactions between various subsystems to achieve a better understanding of how to improve system-level performance and achieve system-level cost reductions.

The initiative's goal is to develop, maintain, and apply a software platform and to leverage its research capabilities to:

  • Integrate wind plant engineering performance and cost software modeling to enable full system analysis
  • Apply a variety of advanced analysis methods in multidisciplinary design analysis and optimization (MDAO) and related fields to the study of wind plant system performance and cost
  • Develop a common platform and toolset to promote collaborative research and analysis among national laboratories, industry, and academia.

This website provides information about software access, publications, and systems engineering-related NREL events and workshops.