Eagle Behavior and Risk Modeling for Wind Energy Webinar

On March 29, 2022, NREL hosted a webinar on eagle behavior modeling with applications for wind energy.

NREL presented recent progress in the development and validation of new eagle behavioral models, highlighting applications for wind-plant siting and operations. Following the presentations, a Q&A session solicited feedback on model capabilities and future directions, followed by a hands-on working session for those interested in exploring the models.

Explore the event agenda

Watch the webinar recordings and see the presentation slides on the following topics:

  • Project Overview
  • Mesoscale Modeling
  • High-Fidelity Microscale Modeling of the Atmosphere
  • Simulation-Based Model for Facility-Scale Eagle Presence Mapping
  • Heuristic Improvements to the Stochastic Soaring Raptor Simulator (SSRS)
  • Near-Turbine Eagle Tracking
  • Application Example – Micrositing
  • SSRS: GitHub Overview and Step-by-Step Walkthrough
  • Heuristics-Based SSRS Walkthrough.

Learn more about NREL's environmental science research and Enabling Coexistence Options for Wind Energy and Wildlife program in wind energy. Explore tools developed at NREL, such as the SSRS.