Decision Support for Island and Remote Communities

NREL provides resources and technical support for remote and island communities seeking to transform their energy systems, reduce their economic risk, and ramp up their resilience.

Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project

NREL is a partner of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project (ETIPP).

ETIPP's network of experienced organizations works alongside some of the nation's most vulnerable communities to:

  • Understand community energy challenges, values, goals, and opportunities
  • Identify and implement strategic, whole-systems solutions
  • Foster high-impact, replicable community energy transitions.

By applying a tailored, community-driven approach to energy transitions, we bridge the gap between risk and resilience.

The partnership combines deep energy sector experience with specialized local expertise to address energy challenges, build capacity, and accelerate the sharing of best practices and innovations.

Learn about NREL's technical assistance via ETIPP.

Aiming to compound the impact of the ETI's proven resilience framework, the cross-sector initiative builds on tools and resources developed by ETI and leverages the support, experience, expertise, and technical assets of four DOE offices, four national labs, and five community-based partners. To learn more, read NREL's news story about the cross-sector initiative.

To learn more about how the ETI advances the development of resilient energy systems in remote, islanded, and island communities, see DOE's Energy Transitions Initiative website.

Multi-Lab Planning Support for Puerto Rico

Learn how NREL, DOE, and four other national laboratories are providing planning support for Puerto Rico.