NREL's state-of-the-art research facilities provide a venue for groundbreaking innovations in advanced manufacturing and collaboration with partners.

Explore our key facilities for advanced manufacturing R&D below or browse all NREL research facilities.

Photo of a white dome-shaped building with a sign that says, 'Composites Manufacturing Education and Technology Facility – (CoMET ),' and a wind turbine in the background.

Composites Manufacturing Education and Technology Facility

For the wind industry, it supports R&D projects for blade and original equipment manufacturers as part of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation.

Photo of lab equipment featuring a glass enclosure with many long, black arm gloves, and a female researcher sticking her arm into one of gloves to work on something in the enclosure.

Atmospheric Processing Platform

It has integrated tools for depositing, processing, and characterizing photovoltaic materials and devices.

Photo of a three-story, beige, grey, and black building with two people walking in front of it.

Energy Systems Integration Facility

Its multitude of laboratories and equipment can accommodate the research and testing needs of many manufacturing projects.

Photo of a large, warehouse-like, lab space with several people in hard hats operating equipment.

Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility

It's available for developing, testing, evaluating, and demonstrating processes and technologies for bio-based products and fuels production.

Photo of a man adjusting equipment in a lab, specifically an air-cooling test bench.

Power Electronics and Electric Machines Facilities

It features a wide range of equipment for testing and measuring heat transfer and reliability as well as thermal and thermochemical modeling.

Photo of a three-story, brown building with a silver, cylinder-shaped entrance.

Science and Technology Facility

It features the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Diagnostics Laboratory and many other laboratories for testing PV products and manufacturing processes.