Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator

The Clean Energy Cybersecurity AcceleratorTM (CECA) advances cyber innovation to defend modern, renewable energy technologies against high-priority cybersecurity risks to the energy sector.

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Designed to bolster early-stage technologies, CECA aims to identify the most urgent security gaps in the modern electrical grid and expedites disruptive solutions to market.

Technologies and architectures are introduced to legacy systems every day, adding complexity and potential for new cyber vulnerabilities to emerge. Now is the time to infuse rapid cyber innovation into our nation's energy systems to ensure we outpace evolving threats.

Seeking Cyber-Solution Providers for Cohort 1

CECA solicits participants based on high-priority security threats. We use a down-selection process to determine the topic of each cycle, which dictates the environment, tactics, procedures, and length of the evaluation. Cohorts go through an accelerator period of 3 to 12 months, sharing ideas and threat intelligence before validating solutions in the lab. To be eligible for the program, interested solution providers must:

  • Be based in the United States
  • Offer technology solutions with strong authentication for distributed energy resources, to protect the modern electrical grid and expedite solutions to market
  • Be at a Technology Readiness Level 4 or above as defined by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Technology Readiness Assessment/Technology Maturation Plan Process Guide (see appendix for definitions).

The Cyber Range Technical Assessment

Cohort members will work with experts to use NREL's Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) cyber range to evaluate the proposed cyber-risk solutions. With connection to more than 20 MW of energy system hardware, this environment subjects the technologies to realistic adversary scenarios, facilitated by NREL staff. ARIES users can evaluate technologies at scale through real-time visualization of proactive defense and automated response.

Cohort members will exit the program with competitive experience, new partnership opportunities, and professional evaluation related to the most urgent cybersecurity challenges facing modern energy systems.

Application Process

The application period for Cohort 1 is now closed.

Informational Webinar

Watch the recording of the webinar held on June 9, 2022, to learn more about the program, Cohort 1, and the application process.

This initiative is sponsored by DOE's Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response in collaboration with the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and NREL. Strategic direction and cost-sharing is provided by utility partners, including Berkshire Hathaway Energy and Duke Energy.


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