Leadership Team

Meet the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) leadership team.

Photo of Richard Adams

Richard Adams


Richard Adams is the director of the IEC. In this role, he oversees the Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2) and the Shell GameChanger AcceleratorTM Powered by NREL (GCxN). His team also conducts the NREL Industry Growth Forum and manages the Investor Advisory Board. He also manages programs dedicated to regional and national incubators and the clean energy and cleantech startup communities.


Photo of Trish Cozart

Trish Cozart

Group Manager, IN2 Program Manager

Trish Cozart is the group manager of the IEC. Within the center, Cozart also manages IN2, a $50-million-dollar program dedicated to speeding early-stage cleantech companies to market.


Name Position Email Phone
Colantonio, J.A. Investor Engagement Lead JA.Colantonio@nrel.gov 303-384-7351
Curtiss, Shelly Energy I-Corps Program Manager  Shelly.Curtiss@nrel.gov 303-384-7856
Dunn, Rexann NREL Small Business Program Manager  Rexann.Dunn@nrel.gov 303-275-4322 
Ebbitt, Sheila Industry Growth Forum Event Coordinator Sheila.Ebbitt@nrel.gov 303-275-3715
Field-Macumber, Kristin IN2 Technical Project Manager Kristin.Field-Macumber@nrel.gov 303-384-7376
Foster, Kathryn Industry Growth Forum Intern Kathryn.Foster@nrel.gov 303-384-6309
Gross, Megan Energy I-Corps Project Manager Megan.Gross@nrel.gov 303-275-3650
Grover, Rhea Industry Growth Forum Intern Rhea.Grover@nrel.gov 303-384-7930
Gutcher, Wendy Administrative Associate Wendy.Gutcher@nrel.gov 303-275-3053
Ihly, Rachelle GCxN Technical Project Manager and Entrepreneurship Program Development Rachelle.Ihly@nrel.gov 303-275-4060
McCabe, Tonya GCxN and IN2  Project Controller Tonya.McCabe@nrel.gov 303-275-3038 
Mujumdar, Monali Startup Engagement Lead Monali.Mujumdar@nrel.gov 303-275-4173
Ott, Kimberlee Incubator, Accelerator, and University Partner Engagement Lead Kimberlee.Ott@nrel.gov 303-275-3168
Proc, Heather Project Controller, New Programs Heather.Proc@nrel.gov 303-275-3791
Richardson, Katie Deputy Director, NREL Government Relations Katie.Richardson@nrel.gov 303-275-4788
Theis, Kristi Communications Lead Kristi.Theis@nrel.gov 303-275-3652
Wadsack, Karin Program Manager  Karin.Wadsack@nrel.gov 303-275-3619
Woslager, Katie

Program Manager

Katie.Woslager@nrel.gov 303-275-4289