The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) is at the center of a cleantech ecosystem.

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From our unique position as a national lab-based entity with influential industry partners and motivated investors, we have built a network that can bring cleantech innovation to market, where it will make real impact.

We manage technology incubation programs for Shell and Wells Fargo; partner with industry and Department of Energy (DOE) labs and facilities; convene a robust network of more than 150 cleantech investors, including the NREL Investor Advisory Board; and manage a network of more than 60 leading incubators, accelerators, and universities that refer and assist our startup companies.


Our Shell GameChanger AcceleratorTM Powered by NREL and Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator portfolios include more than 70 companies. Through the Canadian Technology Assistance Program, NREL has provided technical assistance to more than 20 Canadian startups. In addition, we convene entrepreneurs from around the world to participate in our annual Industry Growth Forum, which includes an Emerging Markets track. By encouraging cleantech innovation by and for developing economies, IEC amplifies its social and economic impact.

Incubators, Accelerators, and Universities

More than 60 universities, accelerators, and incubators make up the IEC network of Channel Partners.  

Map of the United States with the locations of 64 channel partners


More than 150 investment firms and individuals participate in IEC programs and events. Among them, NREL's Investor Advisory Board includes more than 40 influential investment firms that work with NREL and one another to support technology solutions that generate global impact.


IEC works with industry to create customized solutions to global problems. We have developed programs, demonstration projects, and events that help our industry partners meet their business and societal objectives. Among our partners:

Other Network Partners


The IEC provides opportunities for diverse communities to engage with the national lab system, DOE, and our network of entrepreneurs and investors.

Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development logo
The Colorado Center for Renewable Energy Economic Development is based in the IEC and is a community of Colorado-based cleantech organizations committed to economic development and entrepreneurship. Stakeholders include government partners, universities, industry associations, incubators, venture capital organizations, and small businesses.

National Labs

The IEC works with the entire network of DOE national laboratories, many as part of our channel partner network and others through our management of the DOE Office of Technology Transition’s Energy I-Corps program. Energy I-Corps introduces teams of lab researchers that have breakthrough technologies to business processes, strategies, and principles.


It's where we live. As the only national laboratory dedicated to renewable energy and energy efficiency, NREL is an expert in clean technology. The lab has the world-class research staff and facilities that can inform innovation. The IEC ensures connections are made between lab resources, markets, and innovators that are working to deliver on NREL's objective: transforming energy.

U.S. Department of Energy

The IEC works with DOE to grow the economy by encouraging energy transformation. Our IEC programs and events are all run through NREL, a DOE national laboratory that supports our endeavors. In addition, we manage Energy I-Corps, a DOE Office of Technology Transitions program that trains national lab researchers in business practices and strategies, and we are an award-winning participant in the DOE Small Business Program, which facilitates opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses to work with NREL and other national laboratories.