As with other design elements of, photography should support NREL's brand attributes and core mission.

General Requirements

Follow image guidance for photos, charts, and illustrations, including sizing requirements for the various page templates.

Photography on should:

  • Be dynamic and exciting, like the research being conducted at the lab
  • Incorporate people to show from where the value of NREL comes
  • Use interesting perspectives or points of view to tell our engaging stories
  • Be edited as a normal part of photography post-processing (but not be embellished with rounded corners, borders, or drop shadows and never be manipulated in ways that distort the facts).

Photos taken by the laboratory's photographers and found in the Image Gallery are always preferred over stock photos. When images are not from the Image Gallery:

  • Secure approval to use any copyrighted material
  • Include an appropriate image credit
  • Provide the source files to an designer for optimization.

Additional photo requirements include:

  • Acceptable formats include .jpg and .png. Do not provide images embedded or pasted into Word, PowerPoint, etc.
  • Provide only quality images (i.e., in focus, not blurry, not blown out or dark shadows).
  • Provide photos at a minimum width of 2280 pixels or as recommended by your designer or developer.
  • When considering images for feature spaces such as the homepage or research site homepages, use only high-quality photos that follow the criteria above. Do not use charts, graphs, technical illustrations, or renderings, as these are difficult to read on screen and offer too much detail for the highest levels of the website.
  • Provide alt text for all photos.
  • The Image Gallery or Getty Images number should be included in the file name when it's posted online. This helps us locate the original image for other uses.
Example of boring perspective

Boring perspective

stock photo

Stock photo

dramatic perspective

Dramatic perspective

dramatic perspective plus people

Dramatic perspective + people

Staff Photos

A professional headshot with a neutral background and professional lighting is recommended for NREL staff photos.

For all staff photos, wear comfortable clothes that fit well. Business casual dress is recommended. Solid-color shirts or jackets work well. Avoid big prints, busy patterns, and logos, which can be distracting and date the photo. Mid-tone colors such blue, green, burgundy, and purple are universally flattering.

Photos supplied by staff members may be used only on staff profile pages in the NREL Research Hub.