Follow these guidelines for internal and external linking on pages.

In all uses:

  • Write links that describe the linked content and tell users where the link goes if it leads to another website. Avoid vague phrases such as "Click here.”

  • Write unique text for each link on a page. Repetitive links such as “Read more” are vague and an accessibility issue for users who use screen readers.

  • Avoid sentences with multiple links, which may be difficult for users on touch-enabled or mobile devices. It's better to provide padding around links using lists.

  • Do not use bullets for lists of links; use an unordered list instead.

Internal Links

Linking to other pages on, or "internal linking," helps visitors find relevant information. Incorporating relevant internal links is also good for search engine optimization because it helps search engines find and index those pages. Links may also help pages rank higher in search results.  

External Links

When linking externally, make it clear to users that they are leaving For example, "Learn more about efficient buildings on the U.S. Department of Energy's website."

When linking externally, be sure to carefully review the purpose, content, and publisher to ensure the linked site's appropriateness.

  • We recommend linking to other reliable government (.gov) sources, such as federal agencies and research organizations.

  • Linking to educational and nonprofit websites (typically those ending in .edu and .org) are generally appropriate from if the organization's purpose is compatible with NREL's.

  • Do not link to for-profit commercial websites (generally those ending in .com), which could be perceived as an endorsement.

  • You many link to relevant news stories on for-profit websites if:
    • The overall story falls within NREL’s mission and does not cast the Department of Energy or NREL in a negative or controversial light
    • The article includes information provided by NREL (through a quote from an employee or information attributed to NREL)
    • You include the name of the publication (as the owner of the copyright to the article) and use the headline of the article as the link.