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Emails and Electronic Newsletters

News that is sent via email is a recurring communication that users receive from an organization.

Emails are an effective tool to:

  • Communicate to a targeted audience whose members have given permission to receive information
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Solicit input from your audience
  • Build loyalty with your audience by keeping it informed.


All NREL email newsletters must be in the approved, responsive newsletter template. The template includes a placeholder for the newsletter title. Begin all emails with a title and text for users to quickly see the topic. See an example template below.

Full length email template

Email Software

Contact Shauna Fjeld for questions about email and list management tools available for use.

Best Practices

Follow these best practices for emails sent to a subscription list.

  • Enable users to easily subscribe and unsubscribe from your list and update their preferences. Please make clear the purpose and frequency of the emails or electronic newsletters.
  • "From" field – List NREL and the organization or newsletter name. Use the same "From" text consistently from issue to issue. Example: NREL Energy Analysis
  • "Subject" line – Entice subscribers to open the email with brief story headlines. Each subject line should be unique from issue to issue. Example subject line: Small Business Vouchers, PVWatts Upgrade, New Fellows Named
  • Drive traffic to with emails or newsletters with regular frequency and concise and compelling excerpts of text.