Downloadable Files

Content may sometimes be best presented in a downloadable document. When posting content in the form of a downloadable file, follow these standards.

Best Practices

For fast downloading, keep file sizes as small as possible. 

Follow NREL branding guidelines as required. 

Data and software file downloads require an NREL data disclaimer.

As with any web content, follow NREL’s copyright policies.

Link to NREL publication PDFs in the NREL Publications Database instead of posting them directly on a site.

Lowercase file names and use hyphens, not underscores or blank spaces, to separate words, if needed.

Portable Document Format

To create and format Portable Document Format (PDF) files for, see: 

Configuring Adobe Acrobat Pro

Creating PDFs With Microsoft Office Applications

Making PDFs Accessible

Search Engine Optimization for PDFs and Native Files.