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Audio Requirements for the Web

Audio-only files must be accessible to all visitors of the NREL website. For developing and posting audio-only files, follow these requirements and best practices.

Use the multimedia quality assurance checklists to ensure your audio file meets all of NREL's requirements.

Section 508 Requirements

Following are the guidelines for creating Section 508-compliant audio files.

Link to the Text Version

A text version of the audio file must be created and posted on a separate HTML page. Link to this page near your MP3 file.

Link to Associated Applications

The content should include a link to download Windows Media Player and iTunes.

Technical Requirements

All audio files should be in MP3 format.

Best Practices

Following are best practices when posting audio files on


All audio files must be located in the site's /assets/media/ directory.

Linking to Audio-only Files

Please provide a link to download an audio file, even if the audio file is embedded on the page. This allows users to download the audio file and listen on a portable music device.

Embedded Audio Players

Embed an audio file directly onto the website which allows users to listen to the audio file directly on the website.