SOWFA: Simulator fOr Wind Farm Applications

SOWFA (Simulator fOr Wind Farm Applications) is a set of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solvers, boundary conditions, and turbine models.

It is based on the OpenFOAM CFD toolbox and includes a version of the turbine model coupled with FAST. This tool allows users to investigate wind turbine and wind plant performance and loading under the full range of atmospheric conditions and in terrain.

The package includes:

  • Atmospheric boundary layer solver
  • Wind plant solver
  • Actuator line turbine model class (standard and coupled with FAST)
  • Atmospheric/wind plant specific boundary condition classes
  • Utilities for flow field initialization
  • Utility to convert precurson sampled boundary data to inflow data for wind plant solver

Sample cases:

  • Precursor simulation of atmospheric boundary layer
  • Wind farm simulation of 48 NREL 5MW turbines using standard actuator line
  • Four NREL 5MW reference wind turbine using FAST actuator line
  • Atmospheric boundary layer simulation with two NREL 5MW turbines using FAST actuator line.


SOWFA Tutorial

SOWFA Webinar