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The USAID-NREL Partnership collaborates with countries on projects across the globe, helping them with policy, planning, and deployment support for advanced energy technologies.

Featured Projects

The USAID-NREL Partnership supported the first ever renewable energy auction held in Kazakhstan using the Renewable Energy Explorer.

The USAID-NREL Partnership supported an India-led study showing the country can achieve its target of 175 gigawatts of installed renewable capacity by 2022.

NREL’s System Advisor Model was used to explore the economics of distributed solar photovoltaics in Mexico.

This project is helping to build an environment that could enable bankable, microgrid investments in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The USAID-NREL Partnership assessed the impact of distributed photovoltaics on utility revenues and customer electricity rates in Thailand.

Developed by the USAID-NREL Partnership, the Resilient Energy Platform provides direct resources, data, and tools to enhance power sector resilience.

Read about other USAID-NREL Partnership projects on the NREL Integrated Energy Solutions website:

Energy Access Solutions Advance Gender Mainstreaming in West African States

NREL Manages Program to Transform Mexico's Power Sector

NREL Partnership Develops Off-Grid Energy Access through Quality Assurance Framework for Mini-Grids

NREL Supports Effort to Take Distributed Photovoltaics to Developing Countries

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