Solar Decathlon 2024 Design Challenge Recap (Text Version)

This is the text version of the Solar Decathlon 2024 Design Challenge Recap video.

[Text on screen: U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon logo]

>>Student: We’re from Brigham Young University.

>>Student: Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

>>Three students together: Howard University!

>>Holly Jamesen Carr, Solar Decathlon Director, U.S. Department of Energy: The Solar Decathlon is a collegiate competition that challenges student teams to design zero energy buildings that are powered by renewables.

>>Taylor Ryan, Competition Manager, Solar Decathlon Design Challenge: We had over 100 participating teams from 11 different countries around the world.

>>Student presenter: Our microgrid pays back for itself in about 40 years.

>>Second student presenter: Our design will not only restore these features, but it will give them new meaning.

>>Holly Jamesen Carr: Some of the projects that I have seen really address community needs.

>>Student: Our project is a mixed use, multifamily housing complex.

>>Student from Howard University: We are retrofitting a firehouse out in New Bedford.

>>Student from Cooper Union: Also making it all electric and giving back to the community, really.

>>Kassandra Grimes, Commercial Lead, Solar Decathlon, U.S. Department of Energy: I have loved seeing how so many of the students designs have really incorporated cultural elements that are relevant to the communities where they are looking to implement these designs.

>>Student: I want to focus on sustainability in the future.

>>Student: This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about sustainable design.

>>Student from Monash University: We have designed a net zero energy, bush fire-resilient and flash flood-resilient single-family house.

>>Student: A multifamily structure for a future development community.

>>Student from Howard University: We think architecture is giving back to the communities, so that is something that we wanted to address.

>>Tish Kelly-Mick, Infineon: Please join me in congratulating our first-place winner, The University of Arizona.

>>First winning student: It was a lot of work, a lot, but it was completely worth it.

>>Winning team: Yeah!

>>Second winning student: Being able to win this was something that I have been thinking about all semester and throughout this whole process, and I am just really excited about it.

[Text on screen: U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon logo]