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NREL Launches HPXML Toolbox for Buildings Industry

March 28, 2016

Without HPXML, home improvement contractors cannot easily exchange data with partnering businesses, energy efficiency programs, the real estate market, or the financial sector. If you are considering ways to adopt HPXML, a good first stop is the HPXML implementation guide to get you started. HPXML is a set of common definitions for the attributes of the systems in a home and the computing language that facilitates the quick and easy transfer of home-related data between different market actors.

In March, NREL launched the HPXML Toolbox.

Building professionals can learn about this tool at an upcoming industry event. NREL expert Noel Merket will be showing this tool at a workshop on Monday, April 4, at the 2016 ACI National Home Performance Conference in Austin, Texas. This workshop will give participants the knowledge and tools to begin. Noel will discuss the benefits of HPXML and explain how HPXML can be incorporated into your program to reduce administration costs, facilitate contractor choice in modeling software, and provide you with opportunities to connect with federal initiatives including DOE's Home Energy Score and the ENERGY STAR Home Advisor.

The HPXML Workshop is designed for two groups to attend. The first are program administrators who are in charge of program management and making implementation decisions for their group. The second are software developers who might be tasked with coding HPXML. 

—Linh Truong