Energy Storage Manufacturing

NREL research is investigating flexibility, recyclability, and manufacturing of materials and devices for energy storage, such as lithium-ion batteries as well as renewable energy alternatives.

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Research on energy storage manufacturing at NREL includes analysis of supply chain security. Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL


NREL supports manufacturing of energy storage through various analyses and projects.

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Energy Storage Manufacturing Analysis

NREL’s advanced manufacturing researchers provide state-of-the-art energy storage analysis exploring circular economy, flexible loads, and end of life for batteries, photovoltaics, and other forms of energy storage to help the energy industry advance commercial access to renewable energy on demand.

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High-Throughput Laser Processing

NREL's novel roll-to-roll laser-processing methods improve the performance of energy storage materials and manufacturing. NREL's on-site laser ablation capabilities emulate in-line microstructuring of energy materials, such as lithium-ion battery electrodes.