Solar Manufacturing

NREL is advancing next-generation manufacturing processes and technologies for clean electric power generation by improving the composition, thermal processing capabilities, transparency, and flexibility of novel solar cells.

Gloved hands use cotton swab on a square perovskite solar cell under a light.


NREL supports advanced manufacturing through solar-related capabilities and projects.

Up-close view of roll-to-roll processing machinery in a laboratory setting.

Perovskite Film Thermal Budgets

NREL is helping industry improve the thermal processing of solar perovskite films to bring the versatile and cost-effective technology into market. This technology is a game-changer for the solar industry, with applications for solar generation and beyond.

An NREL scientist looks through a microscope to scribe an organic photovoltaic module in a laboratory setting.

Photovoltaic Cells Commercialization

In collaboration with industry, NREL develops the materials needed to boost the feasibility—and marketability—of transparent, flexible, organic photovoltaic cells. Using SolarWindow’s multiplexed laser scribing system, we are helping make energy-generating glass commercially viable.