Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing

NREL's research in advanced roll-to-roll technologies and processing techniques is used to produce clean energy technologies to help reduce costs and increase precision.

A photo of a man in a laboratory watching a black material run around various metal rolls.


NREL supports advanced manufacturing through roll-to-roll-related capabilities and projects.

Two NRELians stand with roll-to-roll equipment in a laboratory.

Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Multilab Collaboration

In a multilab collaborative effort, NREL researchers are accelerating roll-to-roll materials manufacturing for a broad range of energy-, water-, and industry-related technologies to lower costs and improve efficiency. Our roll-to-roll manufacturing research uses various U.S. Department of Energy funding mechanisms and spans several technology areas.

The gravure coating station of NREL's roll-to-roll coating equipment

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

NREL works with industry to optimize roll-to-roll manufacturing for low-cost water electrolyzers to reduce manufacturing cost and labor. These efforts could result in more affordable hydrogen production via proton exchange membrane electrolysis.