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Materials Flows through Industry Supply Chain Modeling Tool

NREL's Materials Flows through Industry (MFI) modeling tool tracks the material and energy demands from manufacturing supply chains.

Photo of a man in a laboratory watching the end spool on a web line used for manufacturing.

The MFI tool is a mine-to-materials, linear network model of the U.S. industrial sector. It can model a wide range of manufacturing scenarios, including the effects of changes in production technology and increases in industrial energy efficiency. The tool performs supply chain-scale analyses to quantify the impacts and benefits of next-generation technologies and materials at that scale.

Beta Testing

A beta version of the tool is currently available for testing by members of industry, academia, and other members of the research community, and the general public. To access the tool and provide feedback, simply request an account.

The MFI tool was developed with support from the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office's Strategic Analysis team.


Next-generation technologies may be more energy and emissions intensive than current technologies. However, they have the potential for reduced material and energy consumption in upstream or downstream processing stages. Use of the MFI tool will help manufacturers evaluate this potential, leading them to fully understand the benefits and consequences of technology deployment.


For more information about the MFI tool, read Evaluating opportunities to improve material and energy impacts in commodity supply chains.


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