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Manufacturing Analysis

NREL provides objective, credible analysis to support research performers, industry, and others in clean energy manufacturing decisions.

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NREL supports advanced manufacturing through various analysis-related capabilities and projects.

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Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center

Supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's network of national laboratories, including NREL, the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis' Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center is providing global clean energy manufacturing analysis and benchmarking reporting across clean energy manufacturing sectors.

Crews crane a natural gas storage vessel into place in a bioreactor.

Oxy-Esterification and Natural Gas

NREL offers analysis capabilities to investigate the viability of oxy-esterification for improving natural gas conversion processes using NREL's life cycle assessment capabilities and online modeling tools.

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Introspective Portfolio Assessment

NREL is creating a standard approach for assessing and communicating the energy and economic impacts of projects funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office.

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Supply Chain and Cost Analysis of Advanced Technologies

NREL provides an in-depth analysis that investigates the supply chain and cost of advanced technologies to provide insights on U.S. supply chain constraints.

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ShAPE: Shear-Assisted Processing and Extrusion

In collaboration with the Clean Energy Manufacturing Analysis Center and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, NREL provides detailed techno-economic analysis and manufacturing analysis to better understand the potential of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Shear-Assisted Processing and Extrusion technology.