Supply Chain and Cost Analysis of Advanced Technologies

NREL provides in-depth analysis that includes techno-economic and supply chain analysis of advanced technologies.

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Industrial processing and manufacturing consume roughly a third of global energy. NREL analyzes the technical and economic potential for energy storage and electrification of industrial process heat on the industrial and power grid sectors.

This research explores technical and economic motivations for industry to engage in electrification with paired storage and the ramifications this may have in influencing the functioning and evolution of the power grid.

Reliance on critical materials within the supply chains has been identified as a barrier to next-generation power system technology adoption and the transition to nonconventional energy resources. In another project, researchers seek to expand the materials flows through industry tool by exploring end-use manufacturing and supply chain impacts from critical materials.

This project is part of a larger effort supported by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies Office to further analyze several clean energy technologies and provide insights on U.S. supply chain constraints.


This analysis provides insights into supply chains, manufacturing costs, and economic trade of technologies of interest.


Learn about NREL's manufacturing analysis capabilities.


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Samantha Bench Reese

Senior Engineer/Analyst