Data and Tools

NREL develops data, models, tools, and maps, which we use to help countries discover and apply energy solutions.

Country and Regional Resource Maps and Data

For analyzing and visualizing renewable energy potential, NREL developed the RE Data Explorer, a geospatial analysis tool that can be customized for different scenarios. RE Data Explorer includes global solar resource data, as well as wind resource data, technical potential, and levelized cost of energy analysis for many countries and regions.

Visit the RE Data Explorer site to launch the tool. 

Greening the Grid

Greening the Grid addresses the technical challenges and solutions for grid modernization and advanced energy integration with technical assistance and expertly curated resources arranged into topic-specific toolkits: grid integration, renewable energy zone (REZ) transmission planning, and distributed photovoltaics (DPV).

Visit Greening the Grid.

Renewable Energy Screening Tools

We team with countries and institutional partners to apply a portfolio of world-class tools for site specific evaluation of renewable energy opportunities and system design optimization. This includes Renewable Energy Integration & Optimization (REopt), which is a techno-economic analysis tool used to optimize energy systems for buildings, campuses, communities, and micro-grids. Learn more about REopt.

Economic Impact and Development Impact Assessment Tools

We partner with countries around the world in use of the Jobs and Economic Development Impacts International Model (I-JEDI) to support analysis of the job and other economic impacts associated with energy development. Learn more about I-JEDI.

We also team with countries on broader analysis of sustainable development impacts using its development impact assessment tools.

In addition, we've worked with various partners in evaluating life cycle greenhouse gas emission impacts and energy-water-food production interfaces and impacts.

Building and Urban Systems Modeling

We have developed a suite of world-class tools and are teaming with countries in adapting and applying these tools for their use. These tools include Building Energy Optimization (BEopt) for optimizing the energy performance of commercial and residential buildings. Learn more about BEopt.

We're also pioneering design and use of state-of-the-art tools for optimizing energy and low emissions performance of new urban developments, including the Urban Renewable Building and Neighborhood Optimization (URBANopt) analytics platform. Learn more about URBANopt.

Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool

The Battery Lifetime Analysis and Simulation Tool (BLAST) estimates how long electric vehicle batteries will last, what their payback is, and ways to lengthen their lifetimes. It accounts for various temperatures, charging station configuration, and driving patterns. Learn more about BLAST.

Future Automotive Systems Technology Simulator

The Future Automotive Systems Technology Simulator (FASTSim) helps fleet managers assess the performance and fuel savings of various vehicle technologies on their drive cycle. Main inputs include drive cycle, vehicle type, and vehicle size. Outputs include fuel use, cost savings, and emission reductions. Learn more about FASTSim.

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection Tool

We've developed an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Projection Tool (EVI-Pro) to provide guidance on plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging infrastructure to regional and national stakeholders. It enables users to evaluate demand or PEV charging and the infrastructure investment needed to service this demand. Learn more about EVI-Pro.