Sixth International Workshop on Grid Simulator Testing of Energy Systems and Wind Turbine Drivetrains

Find the agenda and presentations from the Sixth International Workshop on Grid Simulator Testing of Energy Systems and Wind Turbine Drivetrains, held Nov. 9–10, 2022.

Nov. 9, 2022

Session 1 – Updates From Organizing Institutions

Update on NREL Research – V. Gevorgian, NREL, USA

Laboratory Updates and ProjectsG. Ozkan, Clemson University, USA

Update on FSU-CAPSM. Steurer, FSU, USA

Session 2 – Grid Simulator Testing of Wind Turbine Drive Trains

Grid Integration Research and Projects at Fraunhofer IWES, Results of Project Hil-GridCopG. Quistorf, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany

LORC Update and Projects ExperiencesL. Rasmussen, LORC, Denmark

GE Type 3 GFM Wind Turbine – A. Tiwari, GE

Virtual Electric Machine: Inertia Emulation in ABB’s ACS6080 Grid Simulator in Special ApplicationsG. Chekavskyy, ABB, Poland

Session 3 – Grid Simulator Platforms and Experiences

NREL CGI and PHIL Platform for Validation of Multi-Technology Energy Systems at Scale – P. Koralewicz, NREL, USA

KINECTRICS Grid SimulatorD. Murray, KINECTRICS, Canada

(Grid Simulator Platforms and Experiences) Voltage and Current Control of Power Electronics AC and DC Grid SimulatorsP. Sobanski, ABB, Poland

Grid Simulator Project Experience and Overview of Market NeedsJ. Otinero and J. Lee, IDOM, Spain

Session – 4 Advanced Testing Using Grid Simulators

Impedance Characterization of Grid Following and Forming Resources Using CGI – S. Shah, NREL, USA

New 15KV Class SiC Based Amplifier From TECO Westinghouse (Capability, Characterization, etc.) – M. Bosworth, FSU CAPS, USA

Progress on Tests for Validation of Harmonic Models in E.U. PROMOTioN ProjectP. Sorensen, DTU, Denmark

Advanced Testing Using Grid Simulators Determining DUT Thevenin Equivalent Model (Part of IEC61400-21-4)J. Eckerle, ABB, Switzerland

Session 5 – PHIL Testing of Articles Using Grid Simulators

A Power Hardware-in-the-loop (PHIL) Test Bed for Inverter Testing in Southern California Edison (SCE)Md Arifujjaman, SCE, USA

PHIL Validation of Ultracapacitor Storage for Black-start ApplicationS. Alam, INL, USA

Session 6 – Grid Simulators for Models and Standards Validation

PEGI Platform Overview – B. Mather, NREL, USA

Update on IEEE P2004 Working Group ActivitiesM. Steurer, FSU, USA

Potential Methods for Large Scale Inverter Commissioning Sag TestingM. Stephens, EPRI, USA

Nov. 10, 2022

Session 7 – PHIL/CHIL Testing for Small Microgrids and Islands

Power Hardware-in-the-loop Evaluation for the Borrego Springs Microgrid SETO Project – A. Pratt and K. Prabakar, NREL, USA

CHIL Plug and PHIL Testing of the NREL ConverterFSU CAPS, USA

PHIL Testing of a PV Peaker Plant in Island Power Grid, Islanded Distribution Systems – A. Hoke, NREL, USA

Session 8 – Fidelity of PHIL Interface

Update on HQ PHIL SystemR. Gagnon, HydroQuebec, Canada

GTSOC PlatformC. Jegues, RTDS, Canada

Stability and Fidelity of NREL PHIL Interface – P. Koralewicz, NREL, USA

Session 9 – Grid Simulators: Looking Forward

Advanced Control of the Power AmplifierD. Rimorov, HydroQuebec, Canada

Development of 30 MW Testbench for Offshore Wind TurbinesG. Ozkan, Clemson, USA

PQ4Wind ProjectT. Jersch, Fraunhofer IWES, Germany

High-performance Computing and RT Cosimulation of Energy Systems – R. Hovsapian, NREL, USA

About the Workshop

The Sixth International Workshop on Grid Simulator Testing of Energy Systems and Wind Turbine Drivetrains took place at the NREL campus in Golden, Colorado. This workshop serves as a venue for discussing the research and testing needs, state-of-the-art apparatuses and methods involved in grid integration testing of renewable energy generation, energy storage and other enabling technologies. The goal of the workshop was to encourage discussion and collaboration on grid simulator projects and to discuss emerging challenges of grid simulation. At the workshop, the discussion included sharing field experience from various teams around the world. Attendees also shared experiences in development of advanced testing methods hybrid power systems, microgrids and island grids, grid forming inverters, and DC grids.


Vahan Gevorgian

Chief Engineer