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NREL develops publications—including technical reports, journal articles, conference papers, and posters—focusing on the Distributed Generation Market Demand (dGen) model and its predecessor, the Solar Deployment System (SolarDS) model.

"Forecasting Residential Solar Photovoltaic Deployment in California," Technological Forecasting and Social Change
Authors: Dong, Changgui, Benjamin Sigrin, and Gregory Brinkman

The Impacts of Changes to Nevada's Net Metering Policy on the Financial Performance and Adoption of Distributed Photovoltaics, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Gagnon, Pieter, Benjamin Sigrin, and Michael Gleason

On the Path to SunShot: Utility Regulatory and Business Model Reforms for Addressing the Financial Impacts of Distributed Solar on Utilities, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Barbose, Galen, John Miller, Ben Sigrin, Emerson Reiter, Karlynn Cory, Joyce McLaren, Joachim Seel, Andrew Mills, Naïm Darghouth, and Andrew Satchwell

"Interactions of rooftop PV deployment with the capacity expansion of the bulk power system," Applied Energy
Authors: Cole, Wesley, Haley Lewis, Ben Sigrin, and Robert Margolis

2016 Standard Scenarios Report: A U.S. Electricity Sector Outlook, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Cole, Wesley, Trieu Mai, Jeffrey Logan, Daniel Steinberg, James McCall, James Richards, Benjamin Sigrin, and Gian Porro

Distributed PV Adoption: Sensitivity to Market Factors, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Gagnon, Pieter, and Benjamin Sigrin

Assessing the Future of Distributed Wind: Opportunities for Behind-the-Meter Projects, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Lantz, Eric, Benjamin Sigrin, Michael Gleason, Robert Preus, and Ian Baring-Gould

Impacts of Federal Tax Credit Extensions on Renewable Deployment and Power Sector Emissions, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Mai, Trieu, Wesley Cole, Eric Lantz, Cara Marcy, and Benjamin Sigrin

The Distributed Generation Market Demand Model (dGen): Documentation, NREL Technical Report
Authors: Sigrin, Benjamin, Michael Gleason, Robert Preus, Ian Baring-Gould, and Robert Margolis

WindVision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States, U.S. Department of Energy (2015)

Sensitivity of Rooftop PV Projections in the SunShot Vision Study to Market Assumptions, NREL Technical Report (2013)
Authors: Drury, Easan, Paul Denholm, and Robert Margolis

SunShot Vision Study: February 2012 , U.S. Department of Energy (2012)

Renewable Electricity Futures Study, NREL Technical Report (2012)

Modeling the U.S. Rooftop Photovoltaics Market, NREL Conference Paper (2010)
Authors: Drury, Easan, Paul Denholm, and Robert Margolis

The Solar Deployment System (SolarDS) Model: Documentation and Sample Results, NREL Technical Report (2009)
Authors: Denholm, Paul, Easan Drury, and Robert Margolis