NREL, Toyota Partnering on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Grid Integration

NREL is collaborating with Toyota North America on multiple projects, including a project to find new and better ways to integrate plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) into the power grid.

Photo of two men working on testing electric vehicle technologies

Photo by Dennis Schroeder

The market for hybrid electric vehicles has seen rapid growth during the last few years, going from a blip on the radar to more than 1 million PHEVs on the road and counting. Toyota and NREL want to find out how all those new vehicles charging up at the same time will affect power quality on the distribution grid. Knowing how much is too much for the grid will lead to better strategies to monitor and control distribution, ensuring that as more PHEV owners plug in, the grid is ready.

To learn more about the partnership, watch Toyota's video.