TMD: Tuned Mass Damper

The tuned mass damper (TMD) module adds functionality to FAST v8 that simulates the addition of TMDs in the nacelle and/or tower for structural control.

The TMDs are two independent, one- DOF, linear mass-spring-damping elements that act in the fore-aft and side-side directions or one single omni-directional TMD. They can be placed relative to the nacelle reference position or base of the undeflected tower using the options in the input file. The TMD module is added as a sub-module of ServoDyn.

This software was developed by William La Cava, Semyung Park, and Matt Lackner of University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The archives below are for TMD v1.02 used in FAST v8. Newer versions and ongoing development now take place in GitHub in the OpenFAST repository.


The theory manual describes the theoretical background and the code changes in FAST v8.

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