SS_Fitting is a MATLAB® toolbox designed to provide a state-space model based on the WAMIT output files.

These matrices are required to use the state-space submodule (SS_Radiation) of FAST's HydroDyn hydrodynamics module, in order to compute the wave-radiation forces of a floating wind turbine. This provides a lower computational time, enables the use of tight coupling schemes, and the complete linearization of the wind turbine problem without discrete-time states.

The toolbox includes four different methods to provide the state-space matrices of an linear, time-independent system. These are presented in detail in the theory and user manual. The program outputs the matrices in a *.ss file, which can be read directly by the new SS_Radiation module within HydroDyn. This toolbox was developed in collaboration with WavEC-Offshore Renewables.

This software was developed by Tiago Duarte of Instituto Superior Tecnico - IST Lisbon, Portugal. All questions about SS_Fitting should be addressed to Tiago.



SS_Fitting Change Log (v1.00.01, 1 KB, 3-October-2013)

This is a list of changes made to the code. Look at this text file to see if we have made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of SS_Fitting.

SS_Fitting Theory and User Manual (v1.00, 691 KB, 18-September-2013)

This is the SS_Fitting Theory and User Manual. Please refer to it when trying to understand how the program works.