Modes generates mode shapes for wind turbine towers and blades.

The blades can rotate at a user-specified rate, which can also be set to zero for non-rotating blades. The beams are divided into rigid and flexible sections. The user specifies basic information on geometry, plus mass, and stiffness distributions. This information is then stored in a small input file. Modes is primarily intended to be used with FAST, but you may find other uses for it.

This software was developed by Marshall Buhl and supported by Jason Jonkman of NREL.

Modes was a program that was originally created by Dr. Robert Wilson and his colleagues at Oregon State University. They used it to create the mode shapes that their FAST program needed for flexible blades and towers. Marshall got a copy of Modes, modernized it, and made some improvements.

Note: NREL is not furthering the development this software. The links below are provided for archival purposes only. BModes was developed as a more powerful replacement for Modes.



Modes Change Log (v2.22, 2 KB, 29-April-2002)

This is the Modes change log. Look at this text file to see if we've made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of RunIEC.

Modes Read-Me File (v2.2, 9 KB, 05-April-2001)

This is plain text file that explains what Modes does and how you can use it.