InflowWind is a module for processing wind-inflow data.

It has been coupled into the FAST physics-based engineering tool to enable aero-elastic simulation of horizontal-axis wind turbines. InflowWind can also be driven as a standalone code to process wind-inflow data uncoupled from FAST.

This software was developed by Andrew Platt and Bonnie Jonkman of NREL.

The archive below is for InflowWind v3.03 used in FAST v8. Newer versions and ongoing development now take place in GitHub in the OpenFAST repository.




InflowWind Change Log (v3.03.00, 26-Jul-2016)

This is a list of changes made to the code. Look at this text file to see if we've made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of InflowWind.