FAST v8.16.00a-bjj is the last public release under the FAST Modularization Framework before the transition to OpenFAST.

NREL put considerable effort into improving the overall modularity of its FAST wind turbine aero-hydro-servo-elastic tool.

We are currently transitioning from FAST to OpenFAST. For the most recent version of FAST, developed under this framework, please see the OpenFAST web site. While FAST v8 has many features not found in FAST v7, some features of FAST v7.02.00d-bjj have not yet been added to FAST v8 or OpenFAST, and some features of FAST v8 have not yet been added to OpenFAST. Thus, we will continue to support multiple versions of the software (FAST v7, FAST v8, and OpenFAST) until OpenFAST completely replaces older versions. FAST v8 documentation is available with FAST v7.02.00d-bjj.

This software was developed by Jason Jonkman, Ph.D. and colleagues of NREL.




FAST v8 Archives (v8.16.00a-bjj, 27-Jul-2016)

FAST v8.16.00a-bjj contains the following modules/components:

Component Version
FAST v8.16.00a-bjj
ElastoDyn v1.04.00a-bjj
BeamDyn v1.01.04
AeroDyn v15.03.00
AeroDyn v14 v14.05.01a-bjj
InflowWind v3.03.00
ServoDyn v1.06.00a-bjj
TMD (part of ServoDyn) v1.02.01-sp
HydroDyn v2.05.01
SubDyn v1.03.00
MAP++ 1.20.10
FEAMooring v1.02.01
MoorDyn v1.01.02F
OrcaFlex Interface v1.01.02
IceFloe v1.01.01
IceDyn v1.02.01
NWTC Subroutine Library v2.09.00
FAST Registry v3.02.00

All the source code files you need to compile FAST are included in the FAST v8 archive, but documentation on the individual modules must be downloaded from their respective web sites. The FAST v8 archives also contain compilation scripts and a Microsoft Visual Studio Project file, which are designed to run the FAST Registry and compile the included source code.

FAST v8 was created with Intel® Visual Fortran Composer XE 2013 SP1 The FAST Simulink S-function was created using MATLAB R2014b and Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013.