Crunch is a software utility that performs several types of post-processing analyses for one or more files.

Crunch includes scales and offsets, crosstalk elimination, peak finding, statistics, azimuth averaging, histogramming, and rainflow cycle counting. Much of the code for Crunch came from the GPP and GenStats programs. Crunch performs many of the same analyses as GPP, but it is more of a batch program, whereas GPP is an interactive program. If you are performing repetitive tasks, Crunch is the better choice.

Crunch was written to process wind-turbine test or simulation data, but it is probably useful for most tabular data.

This software was developed by Marshall Buhl of NREL.

Note: NREL is not furthering the development this software. The links below are provided for archival purposes only. The development of Crunch was replaced by development of the MATLAB®-based post-processors MCrunch, MLife, and MExtremes.



Crunch Change Log (v3.02.00c-mlb, 26 KB, Friday, 18-Jan-2013)

This is a list of changes made to the code. Look at this text file to see if we've made worthwhile changes since you received your previous version of Crunch.

Crunch User's Guide (v2.9, 442 KB, Thursday, 06-Dec-2012)

This is the Crunch User's Guide. Please refer to it when trying to understand how the program works. It is a bit out of date, so refer to the sample input files in the CertTest folder for the latest features.