About the Transportation Secure Data Center

The Transportation Secure Data Center (TSDC) makes vital transportation data broadly available online to users while preserving the privacy of survey participants.

Photo of researchers looking at a large, colorful map of the United States.

NREL data experts and engineers analyze large sets of complex transportation data. Housed at NREL, the Transportation Secure Data Center serves as a centralized repository of detailed transportation data from travel surveys and studies conducted across the nation. Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL

The TSDC relieves individual agencies from the burden of fielding numerous data-access requests. It also provides additional features such as linked reference layers, data filtering, road grade and road network matching, summary statistics, and data set comparisons.

NREL screens the initial data for quality control, translates each data set into a consistent format, and interprets the data for spatial analysis. NREL's processing routines join data points to the road network, link U.S. Census and other spatial data layers, and add information such as road grade.

NREL maintains the TSDC in partnership with the U.S. Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Learn about NREL's intelligent vehicle energy analysis.

Applications for Data

As a secure centralized repository for global positioning system (GPS) data from numerous travel surveys and studies, the TSDC is useful for a range of applications:

  • Transit planning
  • Travel demand modeling
  • Congestion mitigation research
  • Emissions and air pollution modeling
  • Vehicle energy and power analysis
  • Climate change impact studies
  • Homeland Security evacuation planning
  • Alternative fuel station planning
  • Validating transportation data from other sources
  • Toll and pricing research.

More Information

The following resources provide more information about the TSDC:

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Additional Data Resources

The following resources provide access to additional transportation data:

Alternative Fuels Data Center

Fleet DNA: Commercial Fleet Vehicle Operating Data

National Fuel Cell Technology Evaluation Center

Metropolitan Travel Survey Archive

Open EI: Open Energy Information.

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